Monday, May 01, 2006

Brief History and Aims

The Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky (SGN) was begun in 1989 to foster spiritual growth and guidance. It has evolved into a genuine community whose decision processes are based upon group consensus. Currently seven type of activities are regularly offered: weekly meeting, monthly Day of Recollection, monthly meeting for worship, quarterly retreats, an open steering committee, a monthly newsletter and a small free lending library. In eight years SGN has sponsored some 30 retreats and 54 Days of Recollection. The community supports itself by means of voluntary service and donations. No fees are charged.

SGN believes that every person has direct access to the divine, so shared silence in the Quaker tradition is employed to give time for the group to center from an inner source. This is the spiritual basis for our work together, with the belief also that each journey is instructive for others, that we are all disciples. SGN has developed a process for building community that was presented at the '92 FCM Baltimore Assembly. Much small group discussion is used, with a model of shared leadership without "expert power" or "position power." We were also participating members of the '93 World Parliament of Religions held in Chicago..

Themes of the SGN gatherings have been diverse and inclusive: Twelve Steps, Inner Divine Child, Feminine Spirituality, Images of God, Native American Spirituality, Our Addictive Culture, Friendship, Meditation, Healing, Liberation and Islamic Spirituality, Discernment, Telling your Story, etc.

A brochure of SGN can be obtained by sending a SASE business size, 52 cents postage to Paschal Baute, 4080 Lofgren Court, Lexington, KY 40509-9520. Ask also for a sample newsletter.


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