Monday, May 01, 2006

Outcomes reported by SGN members

Outcomes affirmed by SGN members (reported by a survey in 1993):

Connection with the infinite through each other, sense of genuine caring for each other; Learning from other's centering, sharing, care and companionship; Acceptance of more than one way, learning from our diversity; Tolerance for humanness, our errors and dissonance; Feeling of the potential for growth and new understandings; Guidance with respect to individuality: each journey is unique; Frequent practice in the communication of valued thoughts & feelings; Commitment to working through misunderstandings and conflicts that arise; Learning to take risks to make ourselves vulnerable with each other; Sharing of responsibility--value placed on all offerings and gifts; Mutual respect for the process.. learning detachment from our personal agendas; Sharing insights from many sources: poetry, music, painting, dance, drama; Learning to bear with the unpleasant aspects of others, overcoming self-centeredness; The practice of listening skills and learning compassion from others; Learning to appreciate the value of silence and becoming quiet inside; Sharing stories & opportunity to share & develop personal gifts and talents; Open discussion of spiritual ideas, beliefs, with all questions being valued; Learning to accept my individuality and think for myself by seeing others do so; Studying books in common and discussing them, shared prayer; Developing a spiritual vision through the inspiration of others; Learning to be realistic. becoming grounded and practical and seeing reality more the way it is, instead of the way I want it to be.; Learning the ability to tolerate ambiguity and respect for God's time..."When the student is ready, the teacher will appear..."; The shared value of principle of Inner Guidance...accepting sacred space around us, between us and within us; More fun when we do this work with others, laughter, humor, joy, Etc.


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