Saturday, January 15, 2005

PRAYER how does it work?

Why does it transform people?
What is "Spiritual Growth?"
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Friday, January 14, 2005


This use of the new blogging technology, we hope, provides a new interface for our SGN to dialogue and to collaborate. This is more intuitive, easier to use and more inviting discussion and interaction. We want to build a place for people of faith to collaborate and build community online, both locally and globally.

When you register to become a SGN blog member with Tim Stamps or Paschal Baute, you will receive new posts automatically to your email box. Soon you will be able to post a response to the dialogue on that subject directly to the web log from your email box. We can then have a more immediate dialogue online with people with similar interests in their respective faith journeys. Return your request either to or You will receive an invitation within 24 hours.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January workshops in Central Ky

I just came to your site from the Humanitarium link!
I have been in an active spiritual path for over a decade
and really delighted to see your network with open
views. I have started giving personal transformation
workshops in public libraries; and have started
networking with like-minded people and groups.
Would love to know more about your work and
your meetings and gatherings.

Peace & joy

PS: I would very much appreciate your help in passing my
workshop info to anyone who may be interested.


How To Live Deliberately on Purpose and Joy

January 16, Sunday, 2:00 to 4:15 PM
Lexington Public Library, Beaumont Branch
January 21, Friday 3:00 - 5:15 PM
Georgetown Public Library
Cost $15, students and groups of two and more $12 each
Preregister by calling 859-455-8642

Brief history, activities, beliefs, themes and outcomes

The Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky (SGN) was begun in 1989 to foster spiritual growth and guidance. It has evolved into a genuine community whose decision processes are based upon group consensus. Currently seven type of activities are regularly offered: weekly meeting, monthly Day of Recollection, quarterly retreats, community wide gatherings to respect all Wisdom Traditions, study groups, a monthly newsletter and a small free lending library. In 15 years SGN has sponsored some 60 retreats and 100 Days of Recollection. The community supports itself by means of voluntary service and donations. No fees are charged.

SGN believes that every person has direct access to the divine, so shared silence in the Quaker tradition is employed to give time for the group to center from an inner source. This is the spiritual basis for our work together, with the belief also that each journey is instructive for others, that we are all disciples. SGN has developed a process for building community that was presented at the '92 FCM Baltimore Assembly. Much small group discussion is used, with a model of shared leadership without "expert power" or "position power." We were also participating members of the '93 World Parliament of Religions held in Chicago and again at an FCM meeting at Columbus, Ohio, about seven years ago.

Themes of the SGN gatherings have been diverse and inclusive: Twelve Steps, Inner Divine Child, Feminine Spirituality, Images of God, Native American Spirituality, Our Addictive Culture, Friendship, Discovering One's Spiritual Gifts, Meditation, Trust and Forgiveness, Healing, Liberation and Islamic Spirituality, Discernment, Voices of Women, Telling your Story, etc. We have also sponsored Jesus Seminar meetings and offered instruction on meditation to the community.

Outcomes From SGN Gatherings Reported by Members

A group atmosphere of Divine Love
Getting perspectives different from my own
Greater openness to Mystery
Better self-management
New ideas for growth
Support for me just as I am
Ability to handle Conflict
Insight into myself
Reassurance on my own journey
Connecting with others serious about their journey
Ability to worship with others in a nondogmatic environment.
and many others.

For many previous postings, SGN activities since 1989 see archives.
For many articles on the interface between psychology, wellness, spirituality and religion, see
Articles by Paschal Baute

Please request a brochure from one of our regular members: Paschal Baute, email, or Ann Siudmak or Mike Kavanaugh, email

Discussion invited.

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Note: This is Our Preamble which is read at the beginning of all SGN workshops. Our experience is that this preamble helps create a safe environment for people to be open and honest, and still feel accepted, affirmed, and encouraged. This may help set the stage for our work together in this adventure to use the internet to explore and share our spiritual journeys in a larger way.

"We come together to give and receive help, sharing experiences on our spiritual journey. Although we have each chosen our own methods and teachers for our personal path, we value being open to what others have to share.

"Beyond words, methods, or creeds we gather to give each other our love, support and acceptance. We especially welcome those who may doubt or question our beliefs and practices, for we all have much to learn: none of us can presume to have the whole truth or final word about this Vast Mystery that is our existence. We recognize that we are each at unique points in our growth, and that what is appropriate for one of us, may not be for others. Our group purpose is not to push people to grow, but to create an environment and an atmosphere where each of us feels encouraged and empowered to grow at our own self-chosen pace.

"In order to nourish and protect each other, we encourage confidentiality in our meetings, the depth a which we feel secure in disclosing ourselves depends on our level of mutual trust. When feedback seems appropriate, we strive to give and receive it thoughtfully, prayerfully, and in the leading of the Spirit. When grievances arise among us, we bring them into the light of open dialogue. We hold ourselves mutually accountable, and listen respectfully to each other. Thus we resolve our differences, forgive each other, and resume our relationship on our spiritual journey with a deeper understanding.

"Many of us feel that sharing the teachings, practices and rituals of various denominations and spiritual systems enriches our personal path and contributes to the worldwide process of tolerance and understanding. If, however, you feel a any time that something being done in the group compromises your religious or spiritual principles, please let us know ,and feel free to step out and stand apart and witness whenever you feel it appropriate. Be assured that the group has great respect for your personal choices, and that we will love you whether you agree with everything we choose to explore or not.

"Sometimes in our spiritual growth work we experience pain, or emotional or physical disturbances. If you are experiencing anything of this nature, please share it with one or more of us privately. Times of discomfort have come to all of us in our growth, and we value the opportunity to help each other get through these "growth pains."

"Remember this is your group even though this may be your first meeting. No one person is officially in charge of our process. Our success depends upon each of us taking part in the group in every way we can. The only requirement for fruitful participation is an openness to growth and a willingness to be completely honest.

"We welcome you to our gathering. We are happy that you have chosen to share with us your spiritual journey. May we all grow in love and understanding together."
-end of Preamble.