Thursday, August 27, 2009

SGN 20th Anniversary Reflections

Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky
Anniversary Reflections. |August . 2009

Here in Lexington, Ky, we celebrated this week our 20th birthday. Twenty years of meeting weekly, with seven Days of Recollection and four 3 day retreats each year. We have published a regular newsletter and sponsored some six interfaith conferences, most held at the Catholic Newman Center in Lexington.

This is quite incredible. A motley crew of renegades from religious orthodoxy, all very different, but with similar strong desires to seek, search, shape and share out own spiritual paths. It is amazing when we look back. We have met together for this quiet meditation and personal sharing of our journeys for over a thousand Sundays. .. It is as if we have found a spiritual home in this sharing that keeps on drawing us together.

We remain small. To our disappointment tour group ha snot grown much. Regulars are about eight, with another 8 more coming to occasional functions, such as Days of Recollections or Retreat.

When we add up those totals they seem unreal. We have held 240 Days of Recollection, 80 retreats over these 20 years. We each seem to feel that this kind of regular facing of our own unique spiritual journeys with each other has become a vital part of our lives. That this diverse group has held together for this length of time is, even to us, a shunning achievement. When we started in 1989, we could never have guessed...

No one person is in charge. Leadership is shared. Decisions are by consensus. When differences seem irresolvable, we return to meditation and discover they soon dissolve. I believe SGN would continue without any one of us.

Personally, I believe it is the power of Grace, an amazing grace found among this motley diverse crew sharing their spiritual journeys. We have found that there are not many others willing to share at this level. I doubt if any if us have ever left a gathering without feeling refreshed. This is amazing in itself.

When I reflect on the meaning of this group to my own spiritual life, I can scarcely put it into words. I am sure that at least three of my ministries have originated because of and with the help of this spiritual home. The Fierce Landscape prison ministry, the Wedding ministry and the storytelling ministry. Therefore the influence of this group on me is rather immeasurable.

Respectfully and humbly submitted.
Paschal Baute
August 25, 2009/ s
on 20th birthday memo


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